Message from the Master (2018 -2019)

Right Worshipful Master of Lodge Dolphin No. 911 Brother David John Morris (2018 - 2019)

Right Worshipful Master David morris


I am extremely pleased that you have visited our Lodge Website.

I am sure that you will find it both interesting and informative.

The members of the Lodge have seen fit to call me to the Chair of the Lodge and I was delighted to accept the invitation. I will do my very best to maintain and advance the present good order of the Lodge and hopefully enhance its reputation far and wide.

Lodge Dolphin members will take great delight in welcoming all visitors into the Lodge and I encourage you to pay us a call. My special thanks to all those who attended my Installation.

The building that we occupy contains a unique purpose built temple that was erected in 1924. I am sure that you will enjoy the experience of a visit.

It may be that you are considering joining Freemasonry and perhaps Lodge Dolphin No. 911 in particular. If so, I would encourage you to contact any member of our Lodge, myself or the Lodge Secretary through the contacts provided in this web site. You will be made most welcome and given every assistance. All that is required of you is that you are a gentleman aged eighteen years or more and of good character. You do not require to have any family connections to freemasonry.

The following facts may be of assistance to you in your deliberations:

Did you know? that there are around four million freemasons throughout the world.

that Freemasonry does not seek to influence the political or religious beliefs of individual members.

that Freemasonry promotes an acceptance and respect for the political and religious views of fellow brethren.

that Freemasonry encompasses the philosophy of Friendship, Charity and Truth.

Friendship - is the concern for every member and his family.

Charity - is the ability that every member has to cheerfully assist anyone less fortunate than themselves.

Did you know? that Scottish Freemasons donated more than £450,000.00 to Prostate Scotland in the last nine years.

that the twenty-three Lodges in the Province of Stirlingshire donated £7,000.00 to worthy causes in the last year.

that Lodge Dolphin supports various deserving causes in the village.

that the Lodge Dolphin premises are available to let for most social functions.

Truth - is honesty and integrity in all that a member does in personal business and public life combined with high standards of decency and morality.

You will meet people from a wide range of backgrounds that can lead to friendships.

You will be joining an organisation that lets you grow and develop.

You will have fun while having the opportunity to widen your social network.

Wherever you travel in the world you will find freemasons ready to welcome you.

Brother David John Morris, R.W.M